Sunday, January 25, 2009


Few of the books which integrate psychology and spirituality ...

1.David Richo

How to be an Adult
How to be an Adult in Relationships

2.Scott Peck

Road less travelled
Further along the Road less travelled

3.Carl Jung
All his books are valuable for anyone who wants to know how our mind works.

4.Julia Cameron

The Artist's way

This is a amazing book for anyone who wants to be creative.
All the blocked artists(me included)should consider this book as a treasure.Recently I found out that this book was used in lot of artists workshops.


Samhita said...

Hey did you really read Carl Gustav Jung?

His best case was Wolfgang Pauli..

astrocrazy2005 said...

I have read the general theories which Carl Jung has formulated.My first contact with Advaita vedanta(4yrs back)happened because of Carl Jung's book.I have not read case studies.I have read case studies of Signumd Freud.

Samhita said...

On Advaita..which book of Carl Jung ?