Sunday, September 21, 2008


All our talents are of no use to the world.The world mostly thrives on our weakness.Any weakness we have will get exploited and used for all kinds of material.physical and spiritual gain.The world does not work on principles of gift economy or intelligent consumerism.
I am not trying to paint a nihilistic view of the world.
I feel there is hope when we learn more and more about how the society keeps it self alive.


Jay Adkisson said...

I don't know about "weakness exploited for *spiritual* gain" - because as I see it, "spiritual gain" can't be obtained by exploiting others' "weaknesses" - but rather by conquering our own.

Where "the world" might not "work" on principles of the gift economy or intelligent consumerism, I feel like the more we choose to "work" by these principles ourselves, the more "the world" might come closer to it.

Anonymous said...

The learning is the means and the end. Evolution has trapped us with the reptilian brainstem (aggression, territoriality). Using the higher brain systems enhances societies thru interdependence. We are one species; tribalism, religion, nationalism are reptilian at their core and are responsible for culture and chaos.

Destination Infinity said...

I do have to accept with your views. But some times our biggest weakness is also our biggest strength. A baby, may not be harmed precisely because of its weakness - for example by an invading army in the earler times of the kingdoms (But even that has happened).

Most of the obstacles we face, due to weakness or otherwise, is designed in such a way that if we respond positively to it - we end up getting rid of atleast a bit of the weakness. Whether we win or lose. But that choice is ours, though.

Destination Infinity