Saturday, May 31, 2008

Activity is an excuse

All activities in life spring out of boredom..UG Krishnamurti said it right ..when he said that the purpose of the body is to have Food and F***
The life we have ,revolves around making money.Thats what everyone does.All our lives are filled with this great purpose of making ourselves feel better using money or any other activity.

One of the most basic problems in life is boredom.Once we start getting adjusted to a place or a new life we just get bored.Life is a series of repetitions and more repetitions.

Everything is the same.

I was once reading a book called Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (the roman emperor…(shown as) …The old king in Gladiator who wanted Russell Crowe to take the crown)The book Meditations is not a book on Meditation as the name suggests.It is a book which contains the thoughts of the emperor.It was the king's wish that it should never be published.The easiest way of getting any book published is to tell people around you, not to publish it.The moment the king died..his books were published.He is worried about the world and how people behave.All his problems are identical to the problems we face now-a-days..So nothing has changed.All minds are alike.All people suffer from the same problems.Our mind gets bored and wants something to grab.If there are no problems then we create problems.My problems have not changed either.The same questions I had years back still linger on.I wanted to be a scientist and solve few of the problems.But science has no answers just random assumptions.Science loves complexity…and if you search for complexity …it exits everywhere.
I lost my faith in religion..then I discovered science..I lost my faith in science I discovered…spirituality..

I lost my faith in spirituality and I foolish I was to have faith on anything in the first place..

I think the band Linkin Park got it right ,when they sang "At the end …it doesn't matter"

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