Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Ignorance of Knowledge

Knowledge is seen as power.We use this power in lot of hidden ways.The moment we feel we have acquired some knowledge…we need to use it.We use it by making it show our greatness by making others feel lower.We ask stupid questions and go around in circles so that we can satisfy our own puffed ego's.We aim for greater degrees and lesser use.I think Mahatama Gandhi was right when he spoke of the nation's future is in the hands of heartless intellectuals.Knowledge if true should attempt to destroy the shackles of ego.It makes you more humble.The aim of an individual should be to provide a balance between sound judgement and love .Absence of emotion should not be the result of knowledge.True knowledge makes you treat everyone in the same way as you would treat your loved ones


sankalp said...

absence of amotion shud not b d result of knowledge... i must say.. i dont quite think so.

i can treat everyone in d same way as I treat my loved ones... only if ther is no emotion in betn.

LongerDisplayNames said...

Knowledge DOES make one humble. So the more you know, the more you feel "how little I know"

A truly knowledgeable man can never take decisions, because, he is always thinking, "Jeez!I know nothing about this topic. How can I decide"

In a way, the decision makers are forced to be a bunch of ego filled morons