Sunday, November 18, 2007

U.G.Krishnamurti Quotes

A messiah is the one who leaves a mess behind him in this world.

Religions have promised roses but you end up with only thorns.

Going to the pub or the temple is exactly the same; it is quick fix.

The body has no independent existence. You are a squatter there.

God and sex go together. If God goes sex goes, too.

All experiences however extraordinary they may be are in the area of sensuality.

Man cannot be anything other than what he is. Whatever he is, he will create a society that mirrors him.

Love and hate are not opposite ends of the same spectrum; they are one and the same thing. They are much closer than kissing cousins.

Gurus play a social role, so do prostitutes.

By using the models of Jesus, Buddha, or Krishna we have destroyed the possibility of nature throwing up unique individuals.

It would be more interesting to learn from children, than try to teach them how to behave, how to live and how to function.

All I can guarantee you is that as long as you are searching for happiness, you will remain unhappy.

You eat not food but ideas. What you wear are not clothes, but labels and names.

The plain fact is that if you don’t have a problem, you create one. If you don’t have a problem you don’t feel that you are living.

That messy thing called ‘mind’ has created many destructive things. By far the most destructive of them all is God.

Atmospheric pollution is most harmless when compared to the spiritual and religious pollution that have plagued the world.

Nature is busy creating absolutely unique individuals, where as culture has invented a single mold to which all must conform. It is grotesque.

7 comments: said...

great collection, My favorite line is Messy thing called Mind.

Thanks for sharing , I really enjoyed it!

sankalp said...

thanks for sharing !!!!
only if i could express the immense gratitude i m feeling.
plz collect some more for me.

Ram said...
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Samhita said...

"God and sex go together. If God goes sex goes, too."

I didn't gather the magnitude and phase of this!

What is the context of this?

Path to No Self said...

Hi Preethi,

Thanks for the comment on my site. I met U.G. many times and he was very sweet and funny. And of course he is a truly authentic speaker.

Peace, Salvadore - Path to No Self

Samhita said...

'culture'- I would like to include not only religious stuff; but the social things- capitalism- politics also fall under man invented cultures / traditions

An said...


I like this one from UG:

All the doctors who have watched me eat cream warned me that I would die of a heart attack from the cholesterol in it, and they are all dead now. I am now seventy five years old. I have no diseases. Eating more than you need is the cause of all diseases.