Friday, November 16, 2007

I love trees

I was 8 years old and I remember the day, when one of the oldest trees near my house was cut down, to build a house.I shed silent tears for my forgotten friend.Sometimes I felt that I suffer from a mental delusion or I am too Over- Sensitive towards living beings.I have spent countless hours on the terrace...alone...gazing at stars, moon and infinity.Learnt a lot about life from the silent green beings which surrounded my house.

I am quite grateful to my parents that they never pushed me into any extra curricular activities.I was left on my own to explore.I feel as a kid when we explore the world on our own ,nature gives us the best gift.

The silence of the heavenly bodies taught me music.Silence is the most important aspect of music.Years later when I took piano classes to study Beethoven and Mozart..I was amazed at the similarities.

Observing nature is so important in painting.I used to always feel that I am reproducing nature in my paintings.But now I realize that I reproduce what I absorb.Its a honor to imitate nature in its splendid glory.

We create reality every instant.Words are just a small percent of reality we absorb.
Silence is again fundamental to words.If we don't have a period of silence in a day we ruin the mind with too many thoughts.Most of our words are repetitions of everyday incidents.We ask everyday the same questions.How are you,How are you doing,what happened, joys , sorrows,limitations...These words take away chunks of our time...We never dive deep into ourselves because all day long we are telling each other how we are doing.Few of the courtesy calls cannot be avoided,they come with our jobs.But when it comes to our personal space we can transform it into a knowledgeable experience.Once the words stop we realize the power of words.The external world then slowly crawls into the internal self and hopefully we find a calm/peaceful mind.

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Samhita said...


surprising! I had a similar incident when a tree next to our house's window was chopped in the name of Vastu!! I was in silent mouring.

beauty- the way you recollected your childhood temper.