Sunday, October 28, 2007

The transformation

The hardest part for any person trying to contemplate the truth is that they have to shift from the state of meditation to the state of reality.For people who have reached truth have no problems.Every moment for them is the one moment of truth.But if we have to function as mortals in the world it is so hard to shift.The calmness which we reach when we let go and the next moment when we have to drive our self into work to meet a deadline seem contradictory.May be this is one of the reasons that isolation has been the first medicine given to a patient when they are going crazy.Getting used to silence is quite difficult but after you discover silence ...the noise becomes unbearable.In essence it should not disturb us because we hear noise because we have experienced silence.Buddha used to say if their was no illusion then there would be no enlightenment.So its a reverse process we should get used to.First accept silence and then accept noise.If you say one does not exist or you won't surrender to it,then we are not growing,we are not transforming.

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Naren said...

Thats an interesting words of wisdom. Self realization is true reality. to know one self is the ultimate goal in every ones life.