Saturday, August 11, 2007

How to treat others

Generally as a rule I feel debates don't lead to anything.Change comes through from our inner self.The self teaches us a lot more than what any person or book can teach.But accidentally when I do land up in a debate which is a total antithesis of my very belief there is a time when I try so hard to keep my defense.
As a general rule all our spiritual practices are told to be kept a secret.What we do only we understand and as long as we fulfill our moral commitments to humanity we are left to explore the hidden crevices of our heart and soul.

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Spiritual people often want unconditional support and understanding from their friends, family, and mates, but all too often seem blind to their own shortcomings when it comes to the amount of unconditional support and understanding that they give to others. I have seen many spiritual people become obsessed with how unspiritual others are and assume an arrogant and superior attitude while completely missing the fact that they themselves are not nearly as spiritually enlightened as they would like to think that they are.

As long as you perceive that anyone is holding you back you have not taken full responsibility for your own liberation. Liberation means that you stand free of making demands on others and life to make you happy.

The biggest challenge for most spiritual seekers is to surrender their self importance, and see the emptiness of their own personal story. It is your personal story that you need to awaken from in order to be free.

To give up being either ignorant or enlightened is the mark of liberation and allows you to treat others as your Self. What I am describing is the birth of true Love.

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