Saturday, July 28, 2007

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What is the use of charity?
If everyone took responsiblity for their own actions then will charity exist...

Money is used as a big motivation for everything.Every thing around the world seems to revolve around that.Even charity seems to revolve around that.Money is a shortform for the service and the goods we offer the society..There are no free lunches..Why should I give away what I earned ???


Nishant Sah said...

I guess there is a difference between charity and free lunch.
I am against beggary.. but some kind of charity is always doable.. I hate donating to (or paying) the priests/temples. I think that this is the one biggest evil of the modern society. But who takes care of the orphans there.. of the widows and the old.. You can expect every child to be adopted by someone. Charity has its place.. It is not free lunch.

Nishant Sah said...

btw keep up the good work.

astrocrazy2005 said...

Nishant ,
It was a questiona nd answer theme which I was tring to follow..
WIll post answers in other posts:)
I completely agree with you..
Charity begins at home.I have tried always to be of some small help to children and old people through volunteering...