Thursday, June 28, 2007


This is my personal view on movies/life.My view has been fromed by the countless number of people I have come across in Hyderabad for the 22 years of my life.The people described here are the common people you come across in Hyderabad.This post is not for the so called intellectuals who can form their own attitudes and behaviour.This post is to show the average-ness and simplistic thinking which grips the Indian society.
This is not to offend anyone ...but it is portray the society values in general.

Most of the newspapers in the world survive on page 3 and media gossip.So there is a huge chunk of people who want to know.They don't want to know the latest scientific discoveries,the good/bad things in the world...they just want to know what the actor/actress have been doing.I feel it is a kind of escapism.We want to escape our lives and live in the virtual world of stars because we think they have what we don't have.I am particularly amazed at how people form their basic belief systems from movies.There are few movies which are really admirable.Other than that most of the media portray mediocre/Average-ness

The role of women in cinema (Indian movies)is so miserable.Many(girls)form their ambitions/life goals from watching crap movies.Their personality traits ..such as voice,behaviour,attitude is defined by some movie.As I have lived in Hyderabad all my life I have seen how telugu movies effect the girls.Most of them have childish voices and they try to behave like baby-adults.I had to coin up a word because there is no word in dictionary other than mentally retarded.I don't want to insult mentally retarded people because they make more sense.(personal decision)Most of the guys use temple as a factor for impressing a girl.They may commit any number of sins...but once they go to temple (or take the girl there) all the sins are washed away.(another sequence stolen from popular telugu movies)The boy talks to the girl not in a mature way but in his talk he uses adjectives which we may use for a 3 year old baby.Innocence,childishness,fairness,and good dressing sense are the only compliments you may ever receive if you are a girl in Hyderabad.

You will rarely find girl's who actively participate in other creative pursuits.As a music addict in my 4 year's of engineering career ...lets make it 5 years(with my masters career too).I have yet to find one girl who is interested in pursuit of music through creative urge.The same thing holds good even in the fields of literature,art,history and other (unknown fields)like astronomy and astrophysics,anthropology,hiking,water rafting and so on...

I was termed as crazy by most of the people for the pursuit of my creative interest's.But after lot of talks with my Friends/classmates/city folks they told me that they never thought extra curricular activities were important(decision reached through movies).It shocks me and my heart is heavy with sadness because most of them live a virtual life guided only with movies.

The most sad incident which I can remember is this:

When one boy sexually assaulted a girl...the girl thought that ... the only necessary action she should take against such things is to scold him and make him feel guilty.He was never held accountable for his act.The boy cried ...
Many months later it was known that this guy has done to the same thing to many other girls.
So after questioning the girl for the absurd reaction to the incident she told that " Most of the movies portray that the actress should scold the villain".


Ram said...

Their immaturity can be very frustrating at times.Consider a situation where you are trapped with such people and there is not even one sane person with whom you can talk.I have been through such a situation.

astrocrazy2005 said...

I also went through the situations like those...