Wednesday, April 11, 2007


There are three major kinds of wealth which humans generally pursue.

Material wealth is highly regarded by many people.It gives identity to people and also makes them feel very good.It boosts the confidence and shoots you up on the popularity scale.You can have anything you want.Even a partner for life is selected based on this factor.If you are stink-ingly rich you wont have any problems finding million people running back of you to marry you.We spend mostly ..lets consider minimum 21 years of education so that we can have material riches for the rest of our life.They are exceptions who work ,because their job is their passion.But we are drawing a general tangent of how mostly the society thinks and behaves.Considering the various advantages there is no wonder that most of the people slog like slaves sometimes doing the work they hate so that they become rich and ignore their health.
But this wealth has the biggest disadvantage :It is temporary.Once we attain the goals set on the basis of materialism we become accustomed to the luxury.Then it is no longer a asset it becomes our basic lifestyle.Our lives become shallow..

Physical wealth is given lot of importance in this world.Our lives somehow are defined by our physical appearance.Looking through all the matrimonial advertisements in the leading Indian newspapers gives us a general idea of how much our society is run on "Fairness" and "Slimness".To add more misery,there are "Fair and Handsome"advertisements which run through our televisions.I hope atleast one human right activist watches these advertisements and start a movement which can wipe out the bias in humans which springs up due to the colour of the skin.Most of the activists are worried about skimpy clothes in movies.I dont know why they dont want to fight for the common soul on roads who get stares and comments because they are dark.I always hoped to see dark actress in movies ..but I dont think whether in my life time I can see that happen.But physical fitness is important for our life.I do believe that if we dont take care of our body,our body does not take care of us.
The mind body connection is very important.But a good body with a impure mind is of no use.

Spirutual wealth is the highest form of wealth a human can achieve.This wealth is only acquired when we give away things.We should learn to give love,kindness,compassion and forgiveness so that these qualities become our very nature.The obsctacles to our achievement of this wealth is our illusions.Our reality when it gets defined by external factors we fail to achieve this wealth.Most of the people dont think this wealth is important.Because firstly it includes suffering because we need our unhealthy old habits to die and cultivate new positive habits.
Death always causes misery because we are uncomfortable with our new self.Lets again consider the matrimonail advertisements again..They are no mention of values like honesty,integrity and kindness.Hardwork and sincerity are also left out.Our job resumes will atleast contain more data about our personality.But when it comes to choosing someone to spend our life we use money,caste and status.This is a sad reality which exists.One of my friends once saw me reading the Bhagavad Gita and she told me how her parents and her family elders have warned her and told her that this holy book should never be read.To add to the contradiction her family is very religious and they visit lot of temples.The spirtual path is the most painful journey of our life but without walking along this path we fail to do justice to life.


FJ said...

Perfect. Yes, material and physical can go just so far for real happiness. Spiritual happiness is the ultimate form. Your thoughts about those matrimonial ads are so true. We can be the change.

astrocrazy2005 said...

Change occurs on a very personal level.
Be the change always!!!