Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Play of power

Are all beings equal...
I dont know..
I keep wondering whether it is possible to exist as equals .
No hierarchy,no supremacy,no submission..
But the world I think exists only in fantasies , it is never possible .Each one of us has a ego centric self which wants importance.Its impossible to find a person without an ego .If a person can reach a state of pure consciousness and continously revel in it then everyday life would be a torture.The pain of existing in this superficial world would be next to impossible.I have myself observed in countless occasions my own drive for domination in any argument.
We continoulsy change from one moment to another..
Our emotions change,the self changes...
But when we reach a state where we can accept our own imperfections and faults we reach a higher state of realization.The love we have for ourselves and acceptance will surely get reflected towards others.The relationship we have with others will attain a value of kindness and understanding rather than the "play of power".But arguments are never wrong and I feel everyone should learn and love to disagree but respect and tolerance sholuld always be the basis for our being.
The concept of ego is so difficult to understand and it constantly varies between fact and fiction.But I dont think when we enter into the realm of spiritulaity we look for absolutes.We just look for questions and search for a valid reason.

Ego is like darkness.It is a fantasy.But if you ask yourself whether it exists then it is very good question because it shows your awareness.Ego is like darkness.You cannot remove darkness from a room.Instead of that bring a lamp it will bring light and remove darkeness.A lamp of realization will let you surrender.

Swami Nithyananda


mutRupuLLi said...

Interesting that you write about heirarchies...I was listening to a talk by a Field Biologist on social heirarchies in primates...(he was observing macaque monkeys)...Actually he has a very interesting observations...if resources are scarce heiracrhies essentially allow everyone to get some food atleast...Guess that makes sense...but then why are capitalist countries so heirarchical?

astrocrazy2005 said...

Atleast in the case of monkeys they get adequate food.In humans that is not the case.Amartya sen has pointed out in his work that when famine occurs people die not because of the lack of food...but because of the distribution.
Heirarchy was made to make our lives easier but given in the hands of humans it makes the lower classes "slaves".