Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The other

Caution:This article mostly deals with the Indian life.The thoughts are motivated solely on my experience of life

"The other"

I had found this metaphor in Paul Coelho's book.(By the river Piedra I sat and wept)

It gave rise to an interesting analysis of what people normally do to fulfill society needs.

Most of the time .Many of us take up stable professions (engineer/doctor)because we are told by someone or other that it can provide you a comfortable job to push on with life.Many couples have kids because they are fulfilling the scheme given by their parents .Many more get married because the society feels that you need a companion to take care of your needs.(mostly in old age or if you stricken with some terrifying disease)

If you are a girl it becomes mandatory that you get married ,as you are a helpless individual who cannot live by society standards.

But I shake in terror for those people who fulfill these roles and start acting in this play and realize half way that they can change their life.That they can have other professions and may have other goals that they want to strive for.
Life becomes a curse...for them.Sex(addiction),drugs and alcohol become their support system.

I have found so many roles that I personally played and I may be still playing ...and I am yet to get of this trap and start to focus on a life which is more complete and which is totally ...Mine...

The other is the curse of fame
Ideas which are generated in them
Which get injected into me
I can never walk alone
Because of this constant nosie everywhere around me
I wish I could disappear from this constant commotion
But it exists deep within me
I need to kill a part of me
I need not cry for its death
My tears become my repentance..
The strings which hold me
I hope to strangle the other with them
The birth of hate within me
I am turning into them....


FJ said...

very true.. the second hand Ayn Rand calls it, in fountain-head. nice post!

astrocrazy2005 said...

You are absolutely right.
It is so difficult to tear down the masks and face your own destiny...

raji said...

Nice blog and a nicer post. Truly sometimes you are so much into your roles that its difficult to separate out the individual inside you from the role. Well, in Indian context it's more than right and not only for girls but also for boys where you will find people carrying on the burden of those decisions which were taken by "THE OTHERs".
One reason I could attribute to this behaviour is the lack of financial security. I mean our family value system is such that a lot of emphasis is on to obey your parents and do whatever they say or do whatever they do.

Nice post.