Thursday, December 28, 2006

The dark ages

The dark age according to me is the age of ignorance.It can last for years and sometimes for decades.We all have a inner dark sides which creeps up once we start to understand the world and its workings.Everything which meets us leaves a part of it in us.The good,the bad and the ugly has hidden faces in our heart.We have our desires and wants creeping on us.Unless we are courageous enough to confront it is going to haunt us for ever.We cannot blame anyone for our dark side.We hold on to it.We never let it heal.Fear would have been the most troublesome obstacle.But I feel each one of us has the inner intution to set ourselves free.To overcome the bonds we created .Personally I have been able to heal myself in lot of ways by doing volunteer service in hospitals.By seeing physical pain and trying to give happiness and hope to patients , I have somehow given the hope of being nice to myself.


Sharath said...

highly profound and deep thoughts!

Ignorance and being proud about it is the worst vice. The courage to confront the dark sides will lead to new avenues!. Let the intution grow stronger and stronger to set everybody free.

Anonymous said...

Dark side is a temporary phase a passing phase but leave its footprints to make u more wise and strong ! Give love to others unconditionally and wil get lots of it in return.

astrocrazy2005 said...

Thanx for visting the blog..
Thank you.