Saturday, July 08, 2006

Weaver's plea

Kabir is one of the greatest poets in India.His excellence lies in the fact that he without any education or any external influence with his own devices has created such beautiful and profound verses that no one else has been able to reproduce.
The poem which I have written is a tribute to Kabir and it is written in the doha style of Kabir

I work at the interiors of the forest
I sing the song of Ram
Kabir a Musalman ,but sings the songs of Ram
I dont have education ,nor do I have family
I dont have status,nor a bit of gold
I am a weaver by birth,my songs are the most precious items for me
I dont know anything ,nor do I pretend to know
I know only Ram,Ram,Ram...
I have spent years trying to join threads
I have spent decades to make ends meet
I dont have any desire..
My heart and mind echo of Ram,Ram,Ram
For all the creator is one I want to say
The Muslaman in me has also Ram in me
It must be one and the same
Thats what I try to say when I say Ram,Ram,Ram...
I ,Kabir will tell you again
That my name will rise again
Many battles won and many kings may rise
My name shall echo ..
It may be five hundred years from now
when you hear this song
But remember its only about
Ram Ram Ram...

Kehat kabir yeh phir se abhi
mera naam to amar hain Ram ki krupa se
kitne shenshahoo ne apne mehel kada kar
kitne baazi jit kar amar kiya apna naam
par kabir ka naam hi goongeja ka
paanch ya hazaar saal ho!!!


an admirer... said...

hey Preethi,

dats was a nice one...the best thing is the very short time that you have taken to pen ur thoughts n put it in here...u r too fast n gud...hats off preethi....

Anonymous said...

amazing writ...wonderful poem...u are very gifted.

Neodawn said...

The poem was just too good.

I wonder what would have come over Kabir to feel towards Ram, in the way he does… (There are other instances like Thirunavukkuarasar and his devotion to Shiva).
The purest love they experience.
Is it something that we lesser mortals cannot experience with imperfect things? Is it only possible with the ideal being?

astrocrazy2005 said...

an admirer,
I am always expressing what I feel.
Its so nice you liked it..
to be secular takes lot of effort.
It comes from your inner self when we stop discrminating...

sandy said...

nice poem mate..
myself ryt poems but not the highest degree as u do...

Neodawn said...
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Neodawn said...

i think you missed my point... ya, kabir was secular... but I am talking about his pure love to god and only god... I am just wondering what that state will be like... continuos bliss?

astrocrazy2005 said...

neodawn, ur point now..
yes thats the higest ideal we as humans can reach ..
surely Kabir has reached it throught his pure heart and no external motives..