Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stand Still

I have grown tired of running back of goals created by society.As time slips through my fingers..I am worn out..I have decided to wait ..I want destiny to find me ..Every thing occuring in the same patterns all through my life..I am in search of a purpose ..In search of a dream..I am waiting ..The moment of truth has not arrived..I close my eyes ..take a deep breath..Is this all which life can offer?
Is this all that I can create??..I am waiting ...I am ready to take the plunge..I have no fear ..I dont know the purpose of life..I am ready for a teacher ..I am ready ..It doesnt appear..I am waiting..

Most of the times we go running and chasing ,controlling our life in numerable ways.I feel sometimes you just let it go..You dont have great expectations..No great demands ..Just Live In The Moment..Try to utilize the moment feel it ..Experience the emotion ,get lost in it..Go to the next moment and live it as if it is your first moment..

Work like you dont need the money
Love like you never been hurt
Dance like nobody is watching
Mark Twain

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