Saturday, July 29, 2006

A painter's expression POst 35 1.23 AM

The inner expressions find a realease through what I do
The colours play a game on me everytime I come in contact
Hypnotized under control,wavering into consciousness and craziness
I am controlled by a trance which does not leave me
There is a explosion in my mind
The inner eye which reflects the longing and joy opens
Blues splashing like ocean waves comes out the deep sadness of existence
Red with anger and fire comes with the life force of earth
Greens with all its calmness gives me the patience to think
Black,white and grey sway between the duality of life and death
The goal is to satify the inner conscience
To just take it out of yourself
The curves meet with starightness of space
The real mixes with the imaginary
End result is never revealed to the conscious mind
Its a blind faith game painters love to play...

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