Saturday, July 29, 2006

Invisible Lines post 33 12.23AM

As I walk through the narrow path way
Ice and fire mix togther in front of me
I try not to have eye contact with anyone
The hands of young children with weapons
Brings tears to my eyes
The extent how much hate can penetrate
The destruction of innocence
The cruelty of life flashes through
Who makes these lines of divisons
Why do the warriors think its their duty to protect
God's land
As a united planet these lines dont exist
Waves of humanity are swept away by violence on daily basis
Hate can never win ..Meek shall rule the world one day
A heaven can be transformed into hell with physical brutality
But the lines still shall never exist
A country is formed not by borders or by pathways but by people
The future shall be decided not by conquering
But by declaration of independence from the hands of violence

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