Monday, May 15, 2006

We are not alone

From when I was a kid, I used to never believe that aliens existed.I dont know ,why I was pessimistic when it comes to extraterrestial life.But most of my concern for denying ,is I had a strange feeling that if humans find out someone superior /inferior existed they would go ahead and destroy the alien civilisation.I could not find it in myself to see that there may be a good interchange which can also occur.I could not read the book contact fully too.[accidently ,ended up watching the movie ,when I was browsing through the multitude of channels]There may be many reasons for this to occur .Our mass media tries to keep hitting us with images which show the worst of the world.We feel happy and drown ourselves in the happiness that we are safe in our four wall prison.There are so many worlds and aliens who exist and get extint at the same time.The daily news does not cover any of this ,unless there is a sensation boiling under it.Where is the positive in the world .Where is the goodness in the world .How come the world does not acknowledge the good more.Why do movies which potray violence and generate brotherly love like Godfather ..generate such respect.[I myself have watched the movie number of times all the three parts]I have lived vicariously while watching the movie, the world of crime and for an instant had an urge to order people to be shot.There are movies which also inspired me to follow my heart like beautiful mind,my left foot,forrest gump.....But what shocks me the most is our mind is like clay and we can imprint what ever we want on it.The inner voice guides you to do things which may be right or wrong ..What is conscience ..Is there a right and wrong to very thing ..Is good better than bad..Is there justice??And above all is there a judge ...Is there anyone who can live our lives so that we can take a break.I have found that we alone have to stuggle and figure out everything.We are alone ..and its a journey that we have to go through to find ourselves..